The Health Benefits Of Botox Treatment

A botox treatment can do more for your face than PhotoShop. It can remove wrinkles and take years off the aging appearance of your skin. However, recent studies have shown that it can do far more than improve your superficial look. There are actual health benefits that have thousands of people becoming in botox treatments for reasons other than wrinkles.

Botox injections can help those who have problems controlling their bladder due to spinal cord injuries or multiple sclerosis. Because the botox tightens up the bladder, they do not feel the urge to go nearly as frequently and the bladder is essentially stronger. This form of botox treatment can allow them to live a normal life and not feel embarrassed when they go out in public.It can also help those who suffer from constant sweating. Most of these injections are done underneath the arms, but they can also be injected in the hands or other places. For many people, constant sweating has nothing to do with any sort of medical condition or need for heat to be released. They simply have overactive sweat glands that cause them to sweat through their clothing. Botox injections can help to alleviate this embarrassing problem.While the reasons are still unknown, botox injections in the face often help to alleviate the patient of migraines. Originally, this was just a pleasant side effect of the botox treatment that people commented on. Today, doctors are giving botox to people who solely want to relieve their headaches, not remove their wrinkles. Of course, if you are experiencing severe migraines that are affecting your life, it is necessary that you get checked by your doctor to ensure there is not an underlying cause that you should have treated. If the doctor determines that it is just a pain that you suffer, a botox treatment could help you take back your life.

The botox treatment can also help to eliminate swelling in certain parts of the body. Many men get injections in their prostate to prevent englarged prostates. This is an acceptable alternative for men who have been considering surgery to alleviate their painful condition.

The injections can also be used to treat painful joints in the hands, elbows, or wrists. This is one of those hard to treat conditions because it is so prevalent and often in a part of the body that the patient needs to use constantly. While there are medications that can take away some of the pain, there are other mental and physical side effects of doing so. Botox injections require little recovery time, and the patient does not have to worry about medications that may affect their ability to drive or think properly.

As more research is performed, experts will certainly find more uses for the botox treatment. Many of these conditions require that the patients get the shots once or twice a year, but that is mild in comparison to what alternative treatments may be, or no treatment at all. What started as something purely cosmetic has greatly improved the lives and health of so many people who were not interested in removing wrinkles.

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